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Dyslexia Action Group of Naperville is an all-volunteer organization. Please contact us if you are interested in helping. Volunteers can assist with program planning, media relations, social media, event logistics, school outreach, promotion and marketing, and more. We would love to have your help!


Follow us on facebook and twitter. Send us a message. Subscribe to our newsletter. We want to hear from you. And we want to help you stay informed about dyslexia and our local activities.


Dyslexia Action Group of Naperville offers a wide range of programming for parents, educators, and students with dyslexia. We typically offer informative programs for parents and educators about once every six weeks during the school year. We also host coffee klatches, both during the daytime and evenings, for parents to connect and share knowledge. Each summer, we host a 1 week assistive technology camp for students. We also host seminars for parents and educators and provide continuing education credits.


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