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The Dyslexia Action Group Of Naperville supports the community by hosting monthly Coffee Klatches (meetings) for parents to learn about dyslexia and find help based on the needs of their child. The Dyslexia Action Group Of Naperville is using Zoom, a virtual meeting platform, to host Coffee Klatches during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is the code of conduct to follow to participate in a Dyslexia Action Group Of Naperville Zoom meeting.

  • To offer privacy and security for our members, all participants are required to register ahead of time for a Zoom meeting. Guests must use the name they registered with. 

  • Do not share the meeting link with those who have not registerd.

  • The Zoom product that is being used is the PRO product and is encrypted for privacy.

  • The Dyslexia Action Group Of Naperville is not recording the meeting. Therefore we ask that any guest participating agree not to record or share the video meeting, whether on the cloud or any other device. Recording, including photographing, screen capture, or other copying methods, of chat exchanges is also prohibited.

  • Be respectful of the time and comments of others. 

  • Allow each participant time to ask or answer questions. Please keep yourself muted until the moderator asks you to unmute to speak.

  • The Dyslexia Action Group Of Naperville Board Members reserve the right to excuse or remove participants who are not adhering to the meeting code of conduct at any time during the meeting. 

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